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The REL-LTRW ratcheting double square wrench will Install or remove the most common fasteners used on utility towers, 1-1/4 square nuts on 3/4" hardware, and 1-3/8" square nuts on 7/8" hardware, as well as 1-1/2" Hex nuts

The bolt thru design, allows bolts and threaded rod to pass entirely through the assembly. Nuts can be tightened over any threaded length.

The reversible ratchet mechanism, heavy duty lightweight construction, 2-in-1 combination socket, and 17 inch length with comfort grip handle eliminate the need for multiple wrenches and sockets

Length: 17" O.A.L. Weight: 3.75 lbs.

301 Ivyland Rd, Warminster, PA 18974
Tel: (215) 357-3500  ·  Fax: (215) 357-9193  ·  info@reliable-equip.com
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