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Red or Orange non-conductive rubber hose sets designed and tested to meet the electrical conductivity requirements established in the utility market. These assemblies are more fl exible than their plastic alternatives and are built to meet the punishing demands of the electric power utility industry.

RATED: 2,250 psi working pressure, Certified, nonconductive. double rayon braid, extreme fl exibility (even in cold temperatures). Tested and marked to have passed a total hazard current test of 75kv for 3 min. with current not exceeding 100 micro amps / foot. Hose is Produced to ISO 9001 certifi cation Hydraulic hose undergo state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and meet the applied international standards of SAE J517, EN 853, EN 854, EN 855, EN 857, and DIN 20023.

REL-2250-18-AREL-2250-O-18-AREL-2250-18-BREL-2250-O-18-B18" Whip Assembly

Each assembly above followed by an "A" includes two 3/8" I.D. hoses with 3/8" NPTF fittings on each end.

Each assembly above followed by a "B" includes two 3/8" I.D. hoses with 3/8" NPTF male fittings on one hose and 1/2" NPTF male fitting on the other hose. Please specify desired length in inches.

301 Ivyland Rd, Warminster, PA 18974
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