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Reliable's LR-Series long reach saws are intended for safely trimming trees from the ground or an aerial bucket. With an overall length up to 81 inches, the operator may easily reach areas not possible with a standard chain saw. The offset head provides a fl ush cut, from a comfortable stance, reducing operator fatigue and strain.

The powerful hydraulic drive motor can easily cut branches up to 3.5 inches in a single pass. The quick stop hydraulic system reduces blade coast time for increased safety. The dielectric property of the fi berglass extension tube will reduce the chance of electric shock. Weight: 9.3 lbs. Lenght: 82 inches


  • Insulated fi berglass extension tube - reduces risk of electrical shock when used near an energized line.
  • Quick Stop System - reduces blade coast time.
  • Trigger Guard - prevents accidental blade activation.
  • Quick Set Spool - may be turned 180O for open center or closed center operation.
  • 9" Blade - Allows a 3.5 inch cutting depth.
  • Rubber Collar Hand Stop.
Cutting Capacity:16 inch
Flow Range:5-8 gpm
Pressure & Return Port Thread: # 6 & # 8 SAE
Operating Pressure: 1,000-2,000 psi
Blade Speed: 4,800 RPM @ 6 gpm
Blade Diameter: 9 inches
Blade Thickness: .1/16 inch
Arbor: 0.635" x 0.878 inch
Blade Operating RPM: 5,400 (minimum)

301 Ivyland Rd, Warminster, PA 18974
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